Wen Chang


“The sense of immersion was amazing. There is a big difference between a 360-degree image, which is essentially 2d and the sense of depth that one experiences with a true 3d stereo walkthrough. More and more, buyers are willing to buy homes unseen and this type of service and technology is becoming a big part of how homes are bought and sold”


Alex Adamov

Real Estate Professional

“GeoCV volumetric 3D scanning of the property is an immense breakthrough in the way people will view properties. It opens up a whole new realm of possibilities to capture properties and see them in depth from any part of the world. Potential clients will be able to see the property in great detail and not waste any more time on the ones they do not like. It is a future of real estate.”


Mike Annunziata


“Real estate marketing is constantly evolving, and GeoCV's 3D scan solution is paving the way for the VR revolution. Just as two decades ago on-line listings were a novelty, I believe today's novelty of virtual reality will be the dominant marketing tool for real estate in the not so distant future. The team at GeoCV is committed to quality and user experience, and I am excited to see what the future holds.”